Just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE your lanolin cream.  The tin is fantastic and the cream just perfect - I cant stop putting it on my hards all day!
Annabel Dobson
Steve Harding These are outstanding products. Ive been using it for a week now and my skin cancers are reducing and healing. Its a steady process of improvement. Emu Oil for 12 hours and then Skin balm for 12 hours.

Hi Sandra and Paul, I received the balm today! How gorgeous is the packaging! I was also pleasantly surprised of the consistency of the product. Most of the balms are generally quite hard and need warming, this is perfect and so malleable. Im sure I will be coming back for more:) Thank you so much for your lovely service. Kind regards, Michelle Sharp Steve Harding :I took your products to my specialist today. His advice to me was to maintain the lanolin and the emu oil. I have a course of bug killers and we will see the outcome. I’m confident, after years of sore facial issues that the healing commenced about 2 weeks ago now when I first applied the emu oil. The follow up of the lanolin clearly moisturised the affected areas. I’d recommend it. I’ve also noticed a decrease in pain associated with the affected areas. I’m very satisfied with the products.