"Hi  Just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE your lanolin cream.  The tin is fantastic and the cream just perfect - I cant stop putting it on my hands all day!"  Annabel Dobson.

 "Hi Sandra and Paul, I received the balm today! How gorgeous is the packaging! I was also pleasantly surprised of the consistency of the product. Most of the balms are generally quite hard and need warming, this is perfect and so malleable. Im sure I will be coming back for more:) Thank you so much for your lovely service. Kind regards," Michelle Sharp


"These are outstanding products. I've been using it for a week now and my skin cancers are reducing and healing. It is a steady process of improvement. Emu Oil for 12 hours and then Skin balm for 12 hours.  I took your products to my specialist today. His advice to me was to maintain the lanolin and the emu oil. I have a course of bug killers and we will see the outcome. I’m confident, after years of sore facial issues that the healing commenced about 2 weeks ago now when I first applied the emu oil. The follow up of the lanolin clearly moisturised the affected areas. I’d recommend it. I’ve also noticed a decrease in pain associated with the affected areas. I’m very satisfied with the products." Steve Harding
"Thanks Sandra and Paul, I purchased the first tins at the Lucendale Field Days and I have loved it. My partner has made comment on how good my skin looks since I have been using it and I notice I don't get dried skin as I did previously due to working in an air conditioned office. Once again I will recommend your product to anyone who is interested. Thanks" P


"Aussie business (my lovely hairdresser??) who created this natural skin balm, honestly the best thing I own ???? no nasty ingredients and you can use it all over your body ~ chapped lips, dry skin, sunburn and nappy rash for the bubs out there!"


"Time to wind down this lazy Sunday afternoon ♥️ Love applying this Emu Oil on my stretch marks when I get a chance to do so. Yes I have them just like any real woman out there. These marks are evidence of the healthy weight loss that took place for me recently. With a full year of going through IVF and all the additional hormones I’ve had to consume to carry my pregnancies as far along as possible, I’ve gained so much weight in the process. Along with eating healthy now I’ve got this additional beauty regime that I include daily ♥️ Ugly Bird Emu oil by @lucamarskincare has helped reduce the sight of these stretch marks. I use it on my shoulders, tummy and arms daily - so easy to apply with the roller ball applicator bottle ♥️ With a hint of Frankincense oil it smells lovely too and of course it’s all natural and cruelty free. I too use this oil under my eyes to reduce visible wrinkles & lines before bed time. Perfect as an everyday moisturiser. It has other beautiful healing properties too."


"Caught being vain lol😂Snapped on camera by one of my gals at work hehe I cannot stand having dry hands& dry cuticles so I heavily rely on this amazing stuff to keep my hands moisturised daily. Using my Baa Ram Ewe Balm Lanolin Skin Balm on my hands and lips helps keep them soft. Since using my Balm, my cuticles look much healthier and I don’t get those dry peeling skin around it. This Balm is also known to help dry lips, rough heels, knees and elbows, feet & cuticles too by soothing and dry skin conditions. I bring this little 50g tin with me everywhere I go in my handbag. I just love this balm. It even smells lovely.❤️  Cruelty free South Australian Made lovelies from @lucamarskincare"


"Hello, Please find attached, an order for our Visitor Centres. We have trialled the product verses a chap stick and the results are in, Lucamar is needed less often and over a short amount of time lips are much softer. Thanks and we look forward to our delivery. Beach Port, Millicent, Penola Visitor Centres."


Dear Sandra   Hello.  I am grateful for your product.  I bought my first tin at the Port Lincoln Tourist Information Centre when I was visiting in May 2019.  My hands were bad and I bought the hand lotion in the  hopes it would help.  It did - was amazing in fact.  I also ended up with a great smelling steering wheel on my car!  On my return to Perth I went to Perth Airport to buy another tin!  Two of my adult sons have bad eczema on their hands.  I gave the remains of my first tin to one son who has since said that your product is the most effective thing he's found so far (this is from someone who wears bandaids on his sore fingers!).  My recent purchase is for me and both sons - and we are grateful you had the product on sale.    I hope to get to SA again (one day), and buying your product back in SA is on my list!  Regards


Hi Sandra and Paul, I received the lovely Balm yesterday. Thank you so much.  I was also thrilled to find a lip balm. What a lovely surprise. I bought some  Balm for friend who gets very bad skin (Psoriasis). I massaged some on his  hands a few weeks back and he was amazed at how good it felt. So I'm giving  some to him for Christmas.  Thanks again, and I wish you a very happy Christmas. All the best.


1st pic =15th August when it was 1st applied.  2nd and 3rd pics tonight 21st August. I could've left applying it from yesterday but thought I'd do it again tonight to make sure) He gets very dry and cracked skin from dermatitis. Worked a treat thank you!
Hi Lucamar,  Your Baa Ram Ewe Saved my feet. I suffered bad dermatitis and tried everything on the market and nothing  seemed to help, until I discovered your natural balm.I applied the balm on  my feet morning and night.I can not believe the results. Thank you.
I just wanted to thank you so much! This balm has SAVED my hand! I suffered from eczema and nothing was helping. Only the lanolin skin balm helped!