The Emu Plume

The Emu Plume

Slouch hats worn by members of the Armoured Corps are adorned with Emu Plumes, a tradition originated from Queensland Mounted Infantry during the great shearer's strike in Queensland in 1891. During this time, the Queensland Mounted Infantry were called out, as soldiers to aid the Civil Powder.

As time permitted the soldiers would participate in a sporting activity where they would ride their horses along emus, and plucked the breast feathers, and placed the feathers on their hat. The Gympie Squadron was the first to wear feathers, a fashion soon followed by the regiment.

The Queensland government permitted the Regiment to adopt the slime as part of its uniform in recognition of its service. In 1915 the minister for Defence Sir G.F Pearce  granted all units of the Australian Light Horse permission to wear the plume, which they refer to as "Kangaroo Feathers".


Emu tuffs of approved design and dimensions are now worn by all members of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps as an item of dress.


The majority of these Emu Plumes worn by the  Royal Australian Armoured Corps

 are sourced from our family Emu farm near Wagga Wagga.

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